German Christmas Markets

German Christmas Markets: A Trip Through a World of Holiday Magic

German Christmas markets reveal the country’s festive side. Over 2,500 Christmas markets in wonderful settings invite you to share in the joy of the pre- Christmas season and enter into Germany’s special holiday mood.

Popular and traditional Christmas markets are located throughout Germany, from Flensburg in the far north to Constance in the south, and between Aachen in the west and Bautzen in the east.

German Christmas markets by location!

Please check the links below and find Christmas Markets in the north, south, east and west of Germany!


Merry Christmas one and all

Evenings sparkling with millions of Christmas lights, candles flickering on Advent wreaths and delicious aromas in the air. “Glühwein”, roasted almonds, Christmas spices – Christmas market time is here. Find out more about German Christmas traditions by using the links below.

Learn more about German Christmas Markets!

German Christmas markets allow you to share in the joy of Christmas with family and friends. In Dresden, you can see the tallest Christmas pyramid in the world, and in Hamburg you can visit Roncalli’s Circus artists for hot punch on the town hall square. Germany’s Christmas markets can be found all across the country, so don’t forget to include them when you’re Planning Your Trip.

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