Castles, Parks and Gardens – Different Styles & Periods

Journey through a variety of eras and styles

Lose yourself in the romantic atmosphere of the past and experience history at wonderful buildings dating back hundreds of years. The course of history has not only been defined by conflicts but also by the visions of emperors, princes and kings who built amazing fortresses, castles and palaces. Medieval siege forts with Gothic fortifications, the rebirth of the art and ideas of classical antiquity, splendid Renaissance buildings, the opulence of baroque palaces, the intricate playfulness of the rococo style – throughout history, architecture has been a symbolic statement of power and authority, a representation of ancestry and birthright. Even the reinterpretation of the golden age in classicism and 19th century historicism, and the return to linearity perpetuate the spirit of ancient beauty and embody the longing for harmony and unity between art and nature. This selection of architectural highlights – a journey through the eras – promises exciting encounters with a wide variety of styles.

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