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German Sports & Activities

German sports make Germany the perfect destination for visitors seeking an active vacation. Why not hop on a bike and enjoy Germany’s landscapes, rivers, and cities along one of the many safe and easy cycle trails available throughout the country. Or use your own two legs and enjoy breathtaking scenery as you hike through the Bavarian Alps, the Black Forest, or along Germany’s shorelines. Also, there are literally hundreds of golf courses in Germany designed to cater for golfers of all abilities and needs. In the wintertime, skiing experiences you will never forget await you – and last not least:  Don’t forget the many popular German sports activities available on the water, such as canoeing, swimming, and house boat vacations.

  • Cycling – An exciting German sport to try. You can take a relaxing and enjoyable bike trip throughout the country. Germany has some of the most beautiful long-distance routes in the region.
  • Golfing – Explore Germany’s many golf courses and see more of the country and its natural beauty – while excercising at the same time!
  • Hiking – You can go hiking on numerous trails leading through forests, mountain landscapes, even tidal shores! Get close to nature and try out this popular German sport.
  • Skiing – Germany offers compelling attractions for skiers, from a challenging alpine course to a beginner’s run or a refreshing cross-country trail. No wonder Germany is a must do trip during the winter – and not just because of our Christmas Markets.
  • Water Sports – Go sailing, rafting, and canyoning — with German water sports, you can do it all!


Make German Sports Part of your Trip!

German sports are different than sports anywhere else. You can go cycling on some of the most beautiful long-distance bicycle routes around or play a round of golf on one of  Germany’s outstanding golf courses. You can hike through romantic forests, tidal shores, and low mountain regions. And when it’s all over, you can hit the water for canyoning and rafting — two of the popular German sports around. In winter don’t miss what our many winter areas have to offer from snowboarding, tobogganing, ice skating, snow-hiking to curling and much, much more.

So make sure you include German sports on your itinerary the next time you’re Planning Your Trip. Just use any of the links below to get started and discover more reasons to come to Germany!