Rhineland Palatinate


Rhineland-Palatinate, the westernmost of Germany’s federal states, has enormous visitor appeal. Discover the many secrets of this fascinating region.

It is not difficult to feel a sense of well-being in this beautiful region with its mix of idyllic river scenery and unspoilt upland ranges, quaint old towns and villages, famous winegrowing areas and romantic castles. In perfect harmony with the delightful countryside, Rhineland-Palatinate’s attractive spas and health resorts offer indulgent wellness and fitness facilities for visitors wishing to give their health a boost.
Under the umbrella of the VITAPARC Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland association, they combine therapeutic experience and modern wellness programmes.

Bad Sobernheim, the only Dr. Felke health resort in Germany, offers treatments in which the therapeutic benefits of mud are combined with individual wellness therapies. Bad Bertrich has Germany’s only Glauber’s salt thermal spa. Visitors to VITAPARC health resorts can rediscover the versatility of water in a range of Kneipp treatments, bathe in pure thermal spring water and breath fresh, healthy air. The climate at VITAPARC Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland resorts is also therapeutic – stimulating in some places, relaxing in others. Climatic conditions in the upland regions of Westerwald, Hunsrück, Eifel and Palatinate Forest differ considerably from the mild air in the valleys of the Rhine, Moselle, Nahe and Ahr.

VITAPARC resorts offer programmes for people who are looking for something special and find something amazing. As early as March you can enjoy avenues of almond trees in blossom, savour delicious young wines in historical buildings and go in search of ancient Roman villas. You can take part in your favourite sporting activity, or you can learn a new sport altogether. Rhineland-Palatinate’s fitness programmes for mind and body are a celebration of all the senses. Visitors can also indulge in wellness and beauty treatments in stylish surroundings. VITAPARC health resorts offer exactly what you’re looking for, be it classic spa treatments, a wellness weekend or non-stop sports.

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