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In at the deep end: lakes in Germany

Germany’s lakes are as diverse as the countryside which surrounds them. Some are very well known; others are hidden gems that only reward people who trouble to seek them out. Large, small, with green water or blue, all Germany’s lakes have a lot in common: they offer opportunities for sports and fun, together with fresh air and fantastic natural scenery – and the quality of the water is carefully monitored. Just a few clicks will help you discover what Germany’s lakes have to offer in terms of beauty, walking, swimming, windsurfing, canoeing or just relaxing.Make Germany’s lakes part of your trip!
Germany’s lakes offer so much in terms of recreation and fun that it would be a shame to miss them on your next vacation to Germany. So don’t! Before you begin Planning Your Trip think about what you’d like to do on Germany’s lakes, whether it be waterskiing, canoeing, or simply cruising around looking for new sights. Then use any of the links below to learn more about Germany’s lakes and discover more reasons to come to Germany!