Nature, Active, Recreation: Vacation on the waterside Germany’s River Scenery

Germany´s River Scenery

Are you a nature lover? Then you should not miss Germany’s river scenery.
There is a wide variety of different German river landscapes to experience, such as the Middle Rhine Valley, which celebrated its 200th birthday in the year 2002, and forms part of the UNESCO world heritage. But there are also several other German rivers, which are all worth a visit. While the character is always changing, the romantic atmosphere stays the same. Enjoy Germany on a journey, following the flow of the rivers.

Germany River Scenery

The Rhine and its tributaries – This German river is a work of art that is now 200 years old! You can experience the Rhine from Switzerland to the Netherlands, exploring magnificent cities and the wildly romantic Black Forest in between.
Learn more about all Germany river scenery below:
The Danube and its tributaries
The Elbe and its tributaries
The Weser and its tributaries
Make German river scenery part of your trip!

Germany’s rivers first inspired famous authors, poets, and artists, and now they can inspire you. Germany’s river scenery covers everything from the historic Middle Rhine Valley to the Danube, Elbe, Weser tributaries, and more. Even if you’re not a fan of nature, Germany’s river scenery is worth a visit for its sheer beauty and magnificent size. To start 
Planning Your Trip with Germany’s river scenery, just use any of the links above and discover more reasons to come to Germany!