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River Cruises in Germany

Looking for a river cruise? Germany’s got it!Germany’s rivers have inspired many famous authors, poets and artists over the years, who have sought to capture their scenic, romantic beauty either on canvas or through the written word. These stunning river landscapes can be found throughout the country along rivers such as the Rhine, Moselle, Danube and Elbe to name just a few. Today, visitors can take to the water for a couple of hours, several days or a couple of weeks on board Germany’s river cruising boats. Along the way the boats will stop allowing you to explore historical towns and cities, old castles and vineyards and to enjoy the spectacular views. One of the year’s event highlights, the “Rhine in Flames”, takes place along the Middle Rhine River Valley throughout the summer; spectacular firework displays light up the night sky and are reflected in the waters below.

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Germany’s rivers first inspired famous authors, poets, and artists, and now they can inspire you. Your river cruise in Germany can last as little as a couple hours or as long as a couple of weeks on one of Germany’s river cruising boats. Don’t forget to include this wonderful sight-seeing adventure when 
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