Nature, Active, Recreation: Vacation on the waterside – Water Sports in Germany

Water sports – all kinds of activity – in, on and beside the water

In at the deep end. Water – that wonderful, natural element – offers no end of opportunity for sporting activity. In the last few years, some exhilarating new trend sports have joined the ranks of traditional water sports in Germany like diving and sailing. Take a look at what there is to do out there. And where to find the best places, training centers and courses to do water sports in Germany. Take the plunge and read on.

Make water sports activities part of your trip!

Water sports in Germany are different than water sports activities anywhere else. The Baltic Sea, for instance, is a true sailing paradise, and have you ever heard of canyoning? It’s another water sport activity that combines mountain sports with water sports, allowing you to swim, dive, climb, abseil off mountains and waterfalls, and more. When you participate in water sports in Germany, you won’t be disappointed. Just use any of the links  below to get started Planning Your Trip with water sports activities and discover more reasons to come to Germany!


Fascination of water

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