Saving in Germany

Saving $$$ in Germany

In spite of the current low Dollar there are ample opportunities to save money when traveling in Germany and stretching the Euro by taking advantage of numerous discounts.

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Germany offers a wide range of accommodation to suit every taste and pocket. Hotels are available in every price bracket and the rates are far less expensive than in other European metropolis. The average room rate in Berlin for example is $ 200 while in London you pay $ 450 per night.

Transportation within Germany is easy and not necessarily expensive. The country’s excellent Autobahns (highways) are free and traveling by train and bus is also an easy and fun option. Check out rail passes for example and find inexpensive travel tips.

For travelers on a shoestring Germany offers a wide range of out- and indoor activities for free. Discover the country’s vast and varied natural landscapes in more than 90 nature parks and 14 national parks which most of them are free of charge!

Sightseeing in Germany doesn’t have to break the bank either. Almost every big city offers a welcome card or a city pass which includes use of public transportation, as well as discounts to museums, theaters and more.

Germany also hosts myriad events from Oktoberfest – the world’s biggest beer festival – to little regional wine festivals all without entrance fee!
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