Planning Your Trip-Germany images and more

Germany Panorama

Before embarking on your German adventure, check out Germany pictures by setting out on a virtual 360° Panorama-Tour through towns, places and communities in this great country. There is no better way to prepare your journey to Germany! Pictures tell a thousand words; why not let them show you what you can experience!


Germany Videos

Try out an interactive experience that showcases the many faces of Germany. All you need is Windows Media Player or Real Player and a fast internet connection to watch these Germany videos.

Try the links below and enjoy the show!


Mozart in Germany

Take a little quiz tour round Germany with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who was born 250 years ago.


Germany Adventure

There are thrilling action games on the theme of “Destination Germany”. You can choose from four games: City Action, Mountain Biking, Surfer’s Fun or Rollercoaster. Here we go!