The Laichingen Vertical Cave

The Laichingen Vertical Cave

The Laichingen Vertical Cave is the only vertical cave in Germany open to the public. It shows a unique view inside a fossilized reef of the Jurassic. An exhibit at the entrance explains exploration and development of the cave, and the geologic situation of the middle Swabian Jura. A guided tour takes 45 minutes.

The visitors descend 55 meters on iron stairs.
The new Speleologic Museum is located in the entrance building of the cave. It has the same opening hours as the cave and admission is free.

The Karst Trail of Laichingen starts at the cave and shows numerous karst features on a pleasant walk. A brochure with a map is available at the ticket office of the cave.

The cave pub serves beverages and ice cream, and may help with local sausages called Rote Wurst for a barbecue. Barbecue area, childrens’ playground and beer garden make the premises a pleasant resting place for young and old.

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