Info Center: Germany for the Youth – Practical Information


Looking for affordable accommodation? No problem! More and more hotels and hotel chains in Germany are now offering attractive packages for young people. There are a number of special youth hostels and hotels catering specifically for the needs of young people, some of them close to major cities.

Vacation villages and vacation apartments or farm holidays might suit those who wish to stay in one place for a little longer. Alternatively, you can stay at one of more than 2,000 campsites and more than 600 youth hostels around Germany. Bed & Breakfast accommodation is no longer just a British phenomenon. Almost all tourist information offices now provide information about private rooms on arrival, some of which can also be booked in advance.


Travel information

How would you prefer to travel to Germany? This section offers useful information on travelling by road, rail, air and sea.


German railway

The German railway has a number of special offers for young travellers to suit all requirements and budgets.