Info Center: Germany for the Youth – Language Holidays, Studying & Au Pair

Language Vacations

Want to learn German? The best way is to spend some time in Germany, getting to know the country and its people, trying out your newly acquired vocabulary in everyday situations and making new friends. With internationally acclaimed language schools in many of Germany’s towns and cities, you’ll be spoilt for choice (see “Best Links”). Packages range from basic courses through to intensive language training, focusing on anything from culture to literature. Not only do languages bring people together, they may also help you later on in your career. Accommodation is often provided by German host families.



Have you ever thought about studying in Germany? Whether you want to stay for the whole duration of your course or just for one semester, Germany’s universities are renowned for their quality and broad range of study options. You’ll also find various international courses on which you can meet people from all over the world.


Au Pair

Do you want to experience living abroad while improving your language skills? Do you love children and enjoy spending time with them? Working as an au pair in Germany can offer you all of the above, with the added benefit of being an integral part of a real German family right from the start.