Infocenter: Familienreisen in Deutschland – Vacation on the Waterside

Vacation on the Waterside

Mudflat walks and baby seals

A bright blue sky, a gentle breeze and the murmur of the waves, where better to relax than the beach, especially when the kids are splashing about in the water or playing quietly on the sand? “Mum, dad can we look for mud worms tomorrow?” Of course they can. Or you could all take a boat trip round the harbour, visit the seal colonies or have an introductory water-skiing course and see if you’re any good at it? Adventurous children can play at being pirates or earn an almost genuine sea-faring certificate.Whether you are drawn to the countless lighthouses on the North Sea coast, or to the picturesque white cliffs of the Baltic, everyone enjoys a seaside holiday. And if the weather lets you down there are historic ships, aquariums and gigantic whale skeletons just waiting to be discovered.

Swimming and sailing – a world of fun

The boat rocks gently on the waves, the view of the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein is so breathtaking that even the children nearly forget their ice cream. Germany’s vast array of lakes has something for everyone, from Lake Constance with its wealth of places to visit, fun in volcanic lakes to tours exploring the beautiful Mecklenburg lakeland area on a houseboat.Sporty types can have a ball windsurfing or sailing, go on motorboat tours or discover new worlds diving in crystal clear waters. Your children are bound to want to try a kayaking course for a few days – thrills and spills and a campfire included. Family outings on a pedalo are also great fun, and some lakes are reputed to be home to water nymphs and lake spirits.

Romance and adventure

Germany’s major rivers, the Rhine, the Danube and the Elbe, are fascinating both by water and on land. Their banks are dotted with medieval castles and palaces where ancient myths and legends come to life. But family holidays on the smaller German rivers also appeal to all ages. There is the Moselle that flows through the historic, 2,000 year-old town of Trier, the Main that passes the modern city of Frankfurt, as well as the Weser, Havel and Nahe rivers. The conditions on the river Lahn are ideal for canoeing, and a cycle route runs through the magnificent scenery along the Neckar. The Spree Forest near Berlin is an exciting place to explore, where a vast maze of nearly 1,000 kilometres of waterways snake their way through dense forests. In southern Germany, the hills of the Black Forest are the setting for white-water trips down steep gorges.