Gay Cologne and the West

Introducing Gay Cologne

Cologne and the West – Fabulously Pink

The oldest among the large German cities with its 2000-year history is valued by visitors most notably because of its famous landmark, the Cologne Cathedral, the beautiful location on the river Rhine as well as its cultural and art scene. After their stay, most visitors rave about the Rhenish joie de vivre, which the residents are proud of. The people of Cologne love their city – and you can sense this. Nowhere else are people’s ties to their city as celebrated as they are here. No other metropolis has so many songs written about it, and so many musicians, who sing their anthems with a typical local flavor: “Hey Kölle – do bes e Jeföhl” (“Hey Cologne – you are a feeling”). Cologne also has its own beer – Kölsch a light, top-fermenting beer. The beer-brewing tradition in Cologne dates back to the year 873. Today the “Kölsch-Konvention” manages which beer may be named Kölsch.

Cologne is not the German gay and lesbian capital for nothing. Every tenth inhabitant of Cologne claims to be attracted to members of their own sex. The locals are down to earth, sometimes slightly off-hand, communicative, optimistic and tolerant. Cologne’s cosmopolitan attitude allows for an easygoing life in the cathedral city.
Women, walking hand in hand or male couples kissing in the street don’t cause a stir. The enormous density of gay and lesbian bars – from cozy cafes and restaurants right up to stylish bars and clubs – shows how deeply ingrained the scene has become.
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Pink Welcome Card

Cologne’s Pink WelcomeCard offers more than 100 benefits, for example for arts & culture, leisure, shopping, wellness and gastronomy, as well as unlimited travel on public transportation. The pink corner facilitates exclusively ‘gay-friendly’ deals in the gay scene.