Saving $$$ on Sightseeing in Germany

Discover colorful German culture, art, and history. Germany has so much to offer at low prices. Many cities offer ‘City Welcome Cards’, which not only give admission to museums, concerts, zoos and historic sights but often offer free or reduced price transportation. Money saving city passes are available in most major German cities!

Stuttgart for example, offers the “Stuttcard“, which is a three-day ticket providing free entry to all public museums, as well as discounts for cultural events and leisure activities. It’s a bargain at around $13. If you are under 26, you’ll be eligible for the “young and fun” deal ($62). This includes one overnight-hotel stay with breakfast, a non-alcoholic drink in the hotel, one “Stuttcard”, a city guide and a city magazine. All passes are available at the tourist information office.

Berlin‘s WelcomeCard includes a city map, which gives you all the latest insider tips and savings of up to 50% at over 130 top tourist attractions and services!

From $12 to $48, the “Hamburg Card” allows you to discover Hamburg conveniently at a bargain price. In addition to free transportation you get discounts at more than 120 places including sightseeing tours, River Alster and harbor cruises, as well as in restaurants and on souvenirs.

Most cities have reduced fares for students, children and seniors at many attractions. Operas and classical concerts for example are subsidized by the German government, so you can often get tickets for about $30, students can find seats for less than $15.
In Germany, museums are also exceptionally affordable compared to the US.
In Munich’s world-famous art museums, the 3 
Pinakotheks, you pay only a $1.50 entrance fee on Sundays. The 3 Pinakothek museums offer an overview of European art from classicism to art nouveau. Munich’s “Federal Archaeological Collection“also charges just $1.50 on Sundays. Here you can trace the settlement of Bavaria from the Stone Age to the early Middle Ages. After visiting the museums why not take a break in one of Europe’s largest city parks, the English Garden. There is no entrance fee to pay.


Discover Castles & Gardens

Why not breathe the air of past centuries and experience – for example in the UNESCO world heritage city of Bamberg?
In Bamberg behind the “Neue Residenz” around Dom Square you’ll find the “Rosengarten” (Rose garden) with fabulous views of the city. Splendid city panoramas can also be enjoyed at the top of “Michaelsberg” at the “Benedectin Kloster St. Michael”. Both attractions are free of charge!
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