Classical Music Germany

Classical Music – Germany

Highlights at opera Houses and Theaters in Germany
In classical music, Germany is a world leader. With well over 100 classical music theaters with permanent ensembles – and a similar number of fine symphony orchestras – there is no end of music to inspire you.
Soak up the atmosphere at one of Germany’s many historical opera houses and concert halls that are in themselves reminders of a glorious history – and a vibrant present.


German Classical Music Festivals

Prestigious annual music festivals are held in beautiful, traditional country settings all over Germany, from the Alps in the south to the North Sea and Baltic coast. All Germany’s regions offer concerts that attract international acclaim and music lovers from far and wide.


Leading the world

Germany’s unparalleled concentration of opera houses and symphony orchestras make it a world leader.

Classical music – Germany and around the world

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Great German music composers

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