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Germany’s Culture and Art

Immerse yourself in Germany’s culture and art and indulge in the country’s famous and historically significant music, prose, fine art and architecture.With thousands of art galleries, concerts and museums to choose from, connoisseurs visiting Germany face a tantalizing dilemma: where to begin?

Germany’s Art, Music and History
With over 5,000 art and exhibit houses there is something for everyone; Berlin’s Museum Island is just one outstanding spot amongst many others. You can listen to classical music in stunning locations; follow in the footsteps of Goethe in Weimar, Bach in Leipzig and Luther in Eisenach. Or, you can tour one of Germany’s many scenic routes, enjoy one of the many concerts and festivals well known in Germany’s culture, or visit one of the country’s internationally acclaimed museums.

Germany’s Culture – What else is there?
To learn more about Germany’s culture, art, music, and history, follow the links below. You’ll get in touch with some of the great artistic thinkers and leaders in the early 20th century like Carl Spitzweg, Max Beckmann, and Franz Marc. You’ll be able to learn more about different kinds of German music that can be heard at many opera houses, musical theaters, jazz clubs, and pop/rock events. And you’ll get more information on the spectacular world-famous Museum Island in Berlin, which houses the Altes Museum, the first public museum in the Prussian state.


Art in Europe

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The Berlin Wall

 The Berlin Wall divided the city for decades and was insurmountable until 1989. Today, the Wall Trail, the Berlin Wall History Mile and several memorials mark the course of the former Berlin Wall and tell its history.
Further information
 Learn more about the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the reunifi- cation of Germany.
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