Wining & Dining

German Food, Beer and Wine

German food, beer and wine are in a class by themselves. For breakfast or at snack time, one of 300 healthy kinds of bread and fine pastries, made famous by German bakers, await you. You can also drink natural mineral water again and again. It bubbles here from 550 sources. The true connoisseur praises the German wine, some dry and some sweeter, but always smooth and filigree like nowhere else in the world. Undoubtedly, before a drop of wine moistens the tongue, the eye already delights in the pleasures of the festive table.

World-famous German beer is an integral part of the country’s history and culture. Out of over 1200 breweries, from the North Sea to the Alps, flow 5000 different kinds of beer on tap. A meal is also as versatile as the beer in Germany. Whether fresh fish from the traditional Hamburg fish market, or potatoes, the apples of the earth – which have been served either as salt potatoes, stewed potatoes or as potato-cakes since the 18th century – nothing more could be missing from a menu. However, what would Germany be without sauerkraut and, of course, sausage – with plenty of mustard – prepared plain-boiled, boiled with spices, raw or as bratwurst?

And a schnapps cannot be missing from a meal. You will see…German food and drinks hold the body and soul together.