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Annual Report GNTB 2007

Download the complete Annual Report 2007 here. (14 MB)


Preface (PDF)

  1. The Importance of Tourism (PDF)
    2.1 Trends in international tourism
    2.2 Trends in incoming tourist traffic to Germany
    2.3 Travel by Germans within Germany
    2.4 Strategic guidelines for marketing Germany as a travel destination abroad
    2.5 Action areas for marketing Germany as a travel destination abroad
  2. International Sales and Marketing (PDF)
    3.1 The new GNTB corporate design/”Destination Germany” brand
    3.2 Marketing themes
    3.3. Basic information
    3.4 The internet and extranet
    3.5 Press and PR activities
    3.6 Sales and marketing
    3.7 Awards
    3.8 Conference/product information tour
  3. Public-private Partnerships (PDF)
    4.1 Generating synergies through cooperation with GNTB members
    4.2 Cooperation agreements
    4.3 Marketing associations
    4.4 GNTB information tour 2007
  4. Sales and Marketing in the GNTB’s International Source Markets (PDF)
    6.1 Market-specific goals for 2008
    6.2 Sales and marketing activities
  5. Administration (PDF)
    8.1 Personnel
    8.2 Supply chain management Logistics
    8.3 Information technology
    8.4 Financial information

Appendices (PDF)
Addresses of GNTB Regional Management Offices
Members of the German National Tourist Board
Members of the GNTB Board of Directors
Members of the GNTB Advisory Board
Members of the GNTB International Marketing Committee
Members of the GNTB Domestic Marketing Committee
Organisation chart
Production credits