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The Tasks of the GNTB

For 60 years, the German National Tourist Board has worked in cooperation with the Federal Government to promote tourism to Germany. It markets the diverse nature of travel to Germany throughout the world, promoting an enormous and appealing product: Germany as a travel destination.
Since 1999, the German National Tourist Board has also been responsible for the marketing of domestic tourism from one region to another. Its strategic goal is the responsible marketing of inter-regional vacation themes in Germany.As marketing organization of the travel destination Germany, the German National Tourist Board is responsible for the vital function of promoting Germany. This encompasses the development of demand- and experience-oriented marketing and the centralization and optimization of all marketing activities that reach to every level of the approach to the market. Thus, the German National Tourist Board works in close cooperation and economic partnership with partners of all levels of the tourism industry in Germany.The Goals of the German National Tourist Board are to:

  • Increase the number of visitors
  • Increase foreign currency income
  • Strengthen the German economy
  • Position Germany as a multi-faceted and attractive travel destination

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